2019-20 MPS President Naveen Sharma

Greetings and thanks for your interest in the Michigan Physiological Society (MPS).   Our mission is “To enhance and advance the field of physiology and unite physiologists within the state of Michigan.” I’ve had the opportunity to participate with the MPS as an attendee during its initial scientific meeting until now as a member of its Executive Committee.  Over this time, I’ve witnessed the growth of an enthusiastic grass roots movement eager to promote physiology across the state. From grade schools to universities, our membership has been able to disseminate physiological principles, enhancing the field and bringing teachers and scientists together. The MPS is an ideal outlet for trainees to network, and for established researchers to collaborate.  Through our website and our social media presence we aim to provide outlets for physiologists to connect.  Our annual meeting allows an opportunity for our membership to share ideas, discuss new findings, and experience high-quality science, while venturing to exciting venues across Michigan.  We welcome members in several categories from trainees through Emeritus status, and provide a very affordable and effective option for professional development.  The MPS is passionate about physiology and the opportunities it can provide individuals at any stage of their careers.  I look forward to having you on board with the society and I hope to see you at our 7th Annual Meeting hosted by Ferris State University in June 2020.  Please visit our website often to get the latest information about the MPS.

Naveen Sharma, Ph.D.
President, Michigan Physiological Society
Central Michigan University